Jan 08, 2021

As we are all set to fly high with our variegated kites of hopes, dreams and aspirations on Uttrayan, Mathematics, Science &Humanities Department of SRICT organized an online expert lecture to make our students aware of the steps to be taken care, while handling the injured birds in the midst of our festivities. Dr.Hardik Patel, Veterinary Officer Valia, with more than 10 years of experience in bird rescue operations, delivered a lecture on “Save Birds, Save Lives” to our sem 1 BE students of CE,CT,EST,ME and EE branches on 8th January,2021. As per Dr.Hardik’s expertise, the birds are to be caught with our non- dominant hand and the deadly ‘manjas’ are to be removed with utmost care so that no further injury is caused to them. It is always preferable to leave the birds back to their familiar locale, once they recover. Students also came to know the importance of the ‘5 point contact’ and various factors that may cause stress to birds in captivity. It was also advised to take them to the nearby veterinary clinic which might go a long way in saving the lives of our winged relatives. The lecture was followed by a Q&A session where Dr.Hardik clarified several queries related to bird care and also the recent outbreaks of avian flu reported in several parts of our country.
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