Expert Talk on Gas – Liquid – Solid Reactions: Lab Chemistry to Industry

An expert lecture was organized for students of M.Sc., Semester-I & III on the topic " Gas – Liquid – Solid Reactions: Lab Chemistry to Industry ". The session was delivered by Dr. Yogesh Borole Managing Director of DSSLLP.

Science(B.Sc & M.Sc)

  Dec 17, 2022

One-to-one meeting of BSc. Semester-III

A one-to-one meeting of BSc. Semester-III students with the honourable president of our University, Mr. Ashok Panjwani was organized with the purpose to motivate students to improve their overall academic performance. Students were encouraged to participate in various activities, upgrade their skills and work hard for the upcoming University exam.

Science(B.Sc & M.Sc)

  Dec 09, 2022

Industrial Visit @ Yes Dyeing and Printing Pvt. Ltd

An Industrial visit was organized for B.Sc Semester-3 Students at Yes Dyeing and Printing Pvt. Ltd., Students came to know various processes involved in Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles.

Science(B.Sc & M.Sc)

  Dec 05, 2022

Industrial Visit @ Oasis Ceramics Pvt Ltd

SRICT-ISR organized industrial visit for 1st Sem B.Sc Organic chemistry students at Oasis Ceramics Pvt Ltd. Students acquired knowledge based on optimizing various ceramic materials, product functionality, product design and production processes. Students also got creative and decorative ideas from the various products which will be very helpful for their personal development.

Science(B.Sc & M.Sc)

  Nov 17, 2022

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