Environmental Science & Technology

Department of Environmental Science & Technology is one of the most diverse engineering disciplines, encompassing environmental and water resources engineering, Air pollution control and solid waste management. Environmental Science & Technology engineers are responsible for planning, design, construction, and operation of structures and facilities that are essential to the environment and infrastructure of a sustainable society. Traditionally these structures include water and waste treatment plants, air pollution control & management systems and Solid waste management systems. Today, environmental engineers are involved in a wide range of engineered and natural systems that contribute to a modern society and protect the environment and public health. The focus area includes management and protection of watersheds and water supplies, mathematical modelling of built and natural environments, bioremediation, exposure assessment and maintaining Environmental Management systems.

The department currently offers Diploma in Environment Engineering, B.E in Environmental Science and Technology (a unique blend of Environment engineering, Chemical engineering and Chemistry), and M.E in Environmental Management.

Vision :

“To become globally recognized as a pioneer in the field of Environment Science and Technology by providing world-class education and training to students to deal with global environmental challenges by research based sustainable solutions.”

Mission :

M1: To prepare an innovative curriculum with a holistic approach of continual improvement in order to address environmental challenges.

M2: To Impart sound scientific and technical knowledge in environmental management.

M3: To Orient students to analytical techniques by offering state of art laboratories and innovative experiments.

M4: To Practice and promote multi-disciplinary research leading to sustainable development.

M5: To Establish relationship among Industry-Academia-Research institution and undertake collaborative research projects to deliver scholarly output.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

1. To excel our students in the field of environmental science and technology in order to provide economical, safe, and sustainable solutions of complex engineering problems pertaining to various environmental challenges.

2. To educate our students with such high standards of teaching and learning coupled with rich hands on experience and project based experience that they are recognized globally for their sound technical capabilities and professional ethics.

3. To prepare our students to demonstrate excellent abilities in interdisciplinary fields of environmental management such as waste water treatment, air pollution control and solid waste management.

4. To develop our students’ analytical skills and their ability to use modern engineering tools to critically evaluate and amalgamate various state of the art techniques of science and engineering to cater the need of sustainable development.

5. To ensure our students to bring synchronization between industry and institute, and also to develop and promote industry oriented research at institute.

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