Alumni (SETU)

SETU is alumni association of Shroff S R Rotary Institute of Chemical Technology (SRICT). SETU will keep the alumni joined to SRICT like a bridge. The main objective of SETU will always be to be "United Forever". United with SRICT as well as with each other.

SETU was inaugurated on 23rd April, 2016. SETU is happy to announce 16th July of every year as an "Alumni Day".

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The Alumni Association- SETU will be a dynamic, member-focused organization, driven by the value oriented objectives and directed towards supporting the social, intellectual and spiritual needs of all present and future alumni’s of SRICT.


The quality of Alumni’s relations is a criterion by which success of institute is measured. The mission of SETU alumni association is to promote the interests of SRICT as a standard of academic excellence by strengthening the ties of goodwill and communication between the institute and the alumni students by maintaining the programme of meet.

Accordingly SETU decides to:

1. To establish a lifelong relationship with alumni’s and the college.

2. To promote the interaction with and among alumni’s.

3. To highlight the achievements of its alumni’s.

4. To promote SRICT’s pride among all the graduates.

SETU Alumni Association Execution Panel
1 Hamza Shaikh President
2 Vikas Thakur Vice President
3 Aayushi Desai Treasurer
4 Kishan Soliya Secretary
Executive members
1 Mr. Vedant Danak 8128985094
2 Mr. Vivek Agrawal 8732923142
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