Expert Talk on Career Guidance

An expert lecture was organized for students of Chemical Engineering, Semester-III on the topic "Career Guidance". The session was delivered by Mr. Nilesh More, Acumen GATE academy Vadodara.

Chemical Engineering

  Jul 28, 2023

Industry Visit @ ETL, Ankleshwar

Department of Chemical Engineering, UPL university organized a visit for the students of 1st year BE at ETL, Ankleshwar. Students got to see their effluent treatment plant and were also explained the process of treating waste water. They were also shown the laboratories where sampling and testing of samples is done.

Chemical Engineering

  Jul 19, 2023

Industry Visit @ Amul Dairy, Anand

Department of Chemical Engineering, UPL University organized an industrial visit to Amul dairy, Anand on 07.07.2023 for the students of diploma 5th semester. Students came to know about 700+ products that are being manufactured in the company and also about the launch of their new product camel milk. They also got to know about how the milk is obtained from cattles, pasteurised,manufactured with standard quality and finally the packaging section. The cream separated from milk is then used for butter and buttermilk production. The plant has been fully automated since 1994.

Chemical Engineering

  Jul 10, 2023

Expert Talk on Process instrumentation

An expert lecture was organized for students of Diploma Chemical Engineering, Semester-V on the topic "Process instrumentation". The session was delivered by Mr. Fenil Modi, Process Engineering Associate at UPL-12.

Chemical Engineering

  Jul 07, 2023

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